Government announces the decommissioning of the Northern Endeavour

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14 December 2020

The Australian Government will decommission the Northern Endeavour floating production storage and offtake facility and remediate the associated oil fields. Decommissioning the facility will remove potential risks to the surrounding marine environment and shipping.

The government has been maintaining the Northern Endeavour since its owner, the Northern Oil and Gas Australia (NOGA) group of companies, was placed in liquidation in February 2020. No petroleum production is occuring.

Since February, Upstream Production Solutions (Upstream PS) has been operating the Northern Endeavour in lighthouse mode and carring out crucial maintenance. This ensures the safety of workers, the facility and the environment.

Further information regarding the decommissioning project, including opportunities for industry, will be made available shortly.

A timely decision to decommission will avoid any extra costs and provide certainty to industry. The final costs of decommissioning are not yet known.

The government is continuing to work with the offshore oil and gas industry on proposals to recover the costs.

The government has also been working with stakeholders on broader policy and legislative reforms to minimise the likelihood of a similar situation occuring in the future. The reforms will take account the independent review by Mr Steve Walker, an expert in the offshore oil and gas industry. The Review examined the circumstances that led to the administration and liquidation of the NOGA group.

The Northern Endeavour is permanently moored in Commonwealth waters in the Timor Sea.

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