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Fourth Ministerial Forum on Northern Development

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12 December 2019

This week Minister Canavan chaired the fourth Ministerial Forum on Northern Development in Katherine, Northern Territory.

The forum brings together federal, state and territory Ministers to discuss ways to stimulate economic opportunities and create jobs in northern Australia.

This year they discussed the next phase of the northern agenda including ways to increase the economic engagement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Ministers confirmed their commitment to boosting the economic opportunities of Indigenous people by launching the Northern Australia Indigenous Development Accord. The Accord will drive a coordinated approach to economic activity, innovation and business opportunities in the north.  

Ministers also noted the major progress made under the Our North Our Future: White Paper. The government has delivered 85% of the measures under the White Paper, generating billions of dollars-worth of benefits under the 20 year program.

This includes the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility, water, roads and aviation infrastructure, workforce initiatives, and indigenous economic development initiatives.

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