Consultation on Measurement Law Review reform options completed

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21 October 2021

The Measurement Law Review consulted on options to reform Australia’s measurement framework. The options are tiered and offer increasing future flexibility:

  • option 1 - streamline with minimal change
  • option 2 - flexible and future-focused
  • option 3 - flexible with additional regulatory powers

The feedback received showed:

  • the majority of stakeholders indicated a preference for option 2
  • general agreement option 2 has the greatest net benefit
  • limited support for options 1 and 3
  • there were key areas of agreement and difference between stakeholders in relation to particular elements of the options

Read more about the feedback received in the summary on the department’s Consultation hub.

The options were updated following stakeholder feedback and will be presented in the final Regulation Impact Statement.

Next steps

The options will be presented to Government for consideration. Future consultation is expected to occur on specific issues including transition arrangements.

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