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Growth Centre: MTPConnect

Case study from: Growth Centres Success Stories

Nestled within academic institutions, opportunities to gain commercial insights and form relationships with industry leaders are limited for most PhD students. The Industry Growth Centres Initiative is working to improve researchers’ capacity to engage with industry in partnership with the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering’s Industry Mentoring in STEM (IMNIS) Initiative.

Mentee in focus: Javad Naderi

Javad Naderi, PhD student at the University of South Australia, is currently researching to prevent fungal infections with biocompatible antifungal coatings for surfaces such hip and knee implants.

Javad recognised that he needed help to better communicate his research ideas, network with others, market his skills, improve his employability and understand more about working with industry and commercialising intellectual property (IP).

To develop these skills and connections, Javad became a mentee in the IMNIS MedTech-Pharma program. The one year program encourages collaboration between industry and researchers by providing mentees with real world industry experience, knowledge and networks. Mentees establish strong ties between industry and academia while expanding their professional networks and employability.

Javad feels that participating in the IMNIS program has improved his knowledge of commercialising research, provided valuable networking opportunities within industry, and expanded his employability.

Support from the Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals Growth Centre, MTPConnect, has helped IMNIS extend its MedTech and Pharma Program nationally.

IMNIS is just one of the initiatives working in collaboration with the Industry Growth Centres Initiative to improve workforce and management skills and collaboration and commercialisation outcomes in key sectors across Australia.

"I think the most important aspect of [IMNIS] is having access to… a mentor who is engaged with the industry and knows how things work from the inside".

– Javad Naderi, IMNIS Mentee