Collaborating in communications to grow Australia’s space industry

The Australian Space Agency has signed a Statement of Strategic Intent and Cooperation with Australian company, Speedcast International.
Photo of Pierre-Jean Beylier and Dr Megan Clark at the signing.

Pierre-Jean Beylier, CEO of Speedcast with Dr Megan Clark AC.

The Australian Space Agency has signed a Statement of Strategic Intent and Cooperation with Speedcast International Ltd (Speedcast), an Australian company that operates and supports a global satellite network to support enterprise and government services.

Dr Megan Clark, Head of the Australian Space Agency, welcomed Speedcast’s support in expanding and growing the space sector in Australia, through partnerships, collaboration and resource investment.

“We acknowledge the investment Speedcast is making in the Australian space sector, through the export of Australia’s satellite intellectual property and research and development to new areas,” said Dr Clark.

Speedcast is opening its supply chain to collaborate with local industry to explore the possibilities around transforming and growing a globally respected Australian space industry. This emphasis on partnerships and collaboration is vital to creating new opportunities, and expanding the sector on a global scale.

Speedcast delivers critical communications to some of the most valuable, remote and high-risk projects and operations in the world. Their projects include providing the Australian Antarctic program with mission-critical and life-saving satellite communications to the outside world; enabling these facilities to conduct world-class scientific and environmental research in Antarctica.

Mr Pierre-Jean Beylier, CEO of Speedcast, noted that Speedcast is committed to developing the next generation of space innovators.

“This ground-breaking space initiative builds on our long history of providing connectivity services to emerging markets, and will advance global communications while driving economic growth opportunities in new regions,” said Mr Beylier.

The Australian Space Agency is working to transform and grow a globally respected Australian space industry. This signing with Speedcast is a further step towards the Agency’s goal to triple Australia’s space economy to $12 billion and create another 20,000 jobs by 2030.

Australia’s 10-year plan for the civil space sector is outlined in Advancing Space: Australian Civil Space Strategy 2019-2028.

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