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Growth Centre: MTPConnect

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Opportunities for companies to access global capital markets and compete for funding is crucial to the continued growth of Australia’s life sciences sector. With help from the Industry Growth Centres Initiative, the AusBiotech led Global Investment Programme in Life Sciences is enhancing the sector’s capability to engage internationally.

Business in focus: Global Investment Programme

Despite being global leaders in the life sciences sector, it is often difficult to raise capital in Australia. Access to global capital markets and partners is crucial for growing biotechnology companies and realising global healthcare solutions.

MTPConnect is supporting AusBiotech’s Global Investment Programme in Life Sciences, which helps Australian life sciences companies to engage with international markets and access global supply chains.

To compete in a crowded space and attract funding, CEOs must effectively communicate the potential economic value of their technologies, their needs and their commercialisation strategy. Under the Programme, AusBiotech’s Pitching to Investors Masterclasses provide training and resource materials to improve pitching skills, and supply the tools to develop an effective investment strategy.

Two tailored guides have also been developed to support the Programme: The Guide to Life Sciences Investing, and the Roadmap to preparing a successful IPO for life sciences companies. The Guide equips investors with a basic knowledge of the life sciences sector, while the Roadmap provides life sciences companies with information on becoming IPO‑ready.

AusBiotech also facilitates opportunities for companies to pitch directly to investors and potential partners. Through the Programme, over 40 companies have participated in the Australia Biotech‑Invest Series, and the Asian Investment Series, pitching to around 770 potential investors within Australia and overseas.

AusBiotech is just one of many affiliates engaged with the Industry Growth Centres Initiative across Australia’s six growth sectors.

“The Programme complements the work AusBiotech is undertaking to successfully facilitate the global development of our Australian life sciences industry. Building the capabilities of our upcoming leaders, and connecting our experts and their game-changing inventions with global markets will have significant outcomes in the future of the Australian, and international, healthcare and economy.”

– Lorraine Chiroiu, CEO of AusBiotech