Australian Space Agency signs with Gilmour Space

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11 December 2019

The Australian Space Agency has signed a Statement of Strategic Intent and Cooperation with Gilmour Space. The Statement outlines Gilmour’s investment plans, including the research and development of new rocket technologies.

Statements like these provide an opportunity for organisations to highlight investment and other opportunities in Australia’s growing space industry. The Australian Space Agency has not signed a deal to develop rockets as reported in the media. 

Gilmour Space will continue to invest in new hybrid rocket technologies to provide access to launch for the global commercial small satellite market. 

The Agency will focus on the regulatory aspects of launch activities, supporting entrepreneurship while ensuring public safety here on Earth and in Space and meeting our international obligations. 

“The Agency and Gilmour Space share the objectives of enhancing the capability, capacity and competitiveness of Australia’s space industry, while being globally responsible,” said Deputy Head of the Australian Space Agency, Anthony Murfett.

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