Advantage for Australia in the hydrogen export market

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23 April 2021

Dr Alan Finkel, Special Adviser to the Australian Government on Low Emissions Technology, has said in an interview with Sky News that Australia will have an advantage in the hydrogen export market.

“It’s going to be very, very competitive, Saudi Arabia, Chile, many countries are interested in becoming exporters of hydrogen, but that’s a good thing not a bad thing," he told Sky News.

“You don’t really want to play into a market where there’s not competition, it’s probably not a vibrant market.

 “So, then you’ve got to say 'do we have competitive advantages in that market' and we certainly do.

 “Most of the hydrogen will be made by electrolysis - that’s taking solar and wind or hydro electricity and cracking water into hydrogen and oxygen.

 “We have lots of sunshine, lots of wind, lots of land, but very importantly we have extraordinary depth of expertise at pulling off large resource projects – so we’re a trusted trading partner."

Watch Dr Finkel’s full interview on Sky News

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