Achieving the ‘Electric Planet’

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23 April 2021

Dr Alan Finkel, Special Adviser to the Australian Government on Low Emissions Technology, has said in an interview with Sky News that an ‘Electric Planet’ is possible by 2050.

“If you look at our energy system today a lot of what we use is delivered in the form of electricity, but that electricity is generated from fossil fuels, natural gas and coal to a large extent.

“We use fossil fuels directly in heating buildings, in creating steam for industry, and for transport of course, all the petrol we use in our cars.

“By 2050 I would expect all of the fossil fuels that we use for energy today will have been replaced by electricity and hydrogen made from that electricity.

“We can get to what I call the ‘Electric Planet’ where 100 per cent of our energy requirements come from clean electricity that will be reliable and most important will be inexpensive”.

Watch Dr Finkel’s full interview on Sky News

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