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1 March 2019

What actually stops public servants from being more innovative? What sorts of things get in the way when they’re trying to do something new? Where do people look for help and what sort of help do they need?

These are the sorts of questions the Public Sector Innovation Network (PSIN) has been asking public servants across Australia.

The Australian Public Service Reform Committee challenged us to take a good hard look at ourselves and make sure we are being as helpful as possible in this time of change.

We started a human centred design project to discover ‘How might we invigorate the network to drive innovation in government to better meet the needs of the people?’

We spoke to public servants at all levels of government, as well as professionals from related sectors, right across the country, in 7 focus groups.

We discovered that some people like training courses, some like toolkits… but everyone wants tangible examples of where innovation has happened in the Australian public service. And everyone wants connections to the teams who innovate.

We also found that some people are more comfortable with ambiguity while others prefer structure. And people’s exposure to innovation varies widely across the public service.

Some people already know who the PSIN is (thanks fam) and others would really benefit from knowing more about us.

So, how might we use these insights to design a service offer that would help everyone? And how might we co-design a brand that appeals to folks we’ve missed?

Turns out these were questions for our Create phase, so stay tuned…

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