Making and supplying 1000 emergency hospital beds a week in the fight against COVID-19

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30 April 2020

Four Australian-owned and operated manufacturers have teamed up with an international medical technology company, using local supply chains, to make emergency hospital beds in response to COVID-19.

The new Stryker Project will be able to produce 1,000 beds per week for Australia and the region. Registered with the Australian Therapeutic Good Administration standards, the Emergency Relief Bed is designed for patients in respiratory distress and providing critical surge capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Australian Government’s Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre has helped coordinate the collaborative effort between:

  • Stryker South Pacific
  • A.H. Beard
  • AmTek Australia
  • Fallshaw Wheels & Castors
  • Varley Group

Government, researchers and manufacturers fighting COVID-19

We’re working with industry to fight the pandemic in many ways. We’re supporting companies to increase, modify and scale up their output to help the nation. We’ve been working with domestic and international suppliers to map capabilities and source equipment for COVID-19 testing and protection.

Our department continues to form new partnerships with businesses and other groups across Australia to strengthen the national COVID-19 response.

Watch our COVID-19 case study videos on YouTube to see how businesses are pivoting in their response to COVID-19.

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