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30 August 2019

The Space Infrastructure Fund (SIF) and International Space Investment (ISI) initiative are two programs starting this year. The SIF will fill space infrastructure gaps to support businesses and researchers to participate in the global space economy. The ISI initiative supporting projects will enable Australia to participate in the activities of international space agencies.

Projects under the SIF include:

  • a mission control in South Australia to support businesses and researchers to control their small satellites
  • a robotics command and control centre in Western Australia to support the use of robotics and automation in space
  • supporting future space manufacturing capability at the Western Sydney Aerotropolis
  • supporting facilities in Tasmania to track space objects

The ISI initiative will help unlock international space opportunities for Australia, and expand the capability and capacity of the space sector.

In June and July, the Australian Space Agency ran consultations about the design of the International Space Investment initiative.

View the consultation paper and published responses.

The ISI is expected to open later this year. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with ISI announcements.

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