Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia Inc Accessing Innovation Series

Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia’s (KCA) Accessing Innovation series was created to offer government and industry the opportunity to gain direct access to new technology based products and service opportunities arising from the country’s leading research organisations. KCA worked with industry bodies and conference organisers in key target growth sectors to develop partnering events to provide focal points for interaction between the Commonwealth, industry and public sector research groups.

The aim of these events was three-fold: (1) create awareness of the benefits of business and research organisations working together, (2) educate on how to facilitate collaboration and promote Commonwealth support programs available to aid development, and (3) promote emerging opportunities which exist within public sector research organisations.

Accessing Innovation sought to bring members from publicly funded research organisations (PFROs) around the country together in one place to make it easier and more appealing for industry and investors to engage with them.

KCA held four events in total, run and organised in conjunction with Austmine, ABIC, AusBiotech and LNG18 respectively. KCA has also been working with LESANZ to showcase project outcomes at the 2016 LESANZ Annual Conference, and worked collaboratively with LESANZ to run a workshop for members to help raise the profile and promote engagement with the new Source IP platform.

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