Evaluation of the COMET program

The Commercialising Emerging Technologies (COMET) Program was established in November 1999 to assist early-growth enterprises and individuals to commercialise an innovative product, process or service.

On 28 April 2008, ACIL Tasman provided the Department with its independent report on the evaluation of the COMET program. Both the Report and the Summary and Recommendations are available.

The evaluation reviewed the program under the following themes:

  • Ongoing appropriateness of the program
  • Efficiency of the program in delivering the program outputs and
  • Effectiveness of the program in achieving its core objectives.

Key findings of the evaluation report include:

  • the objectives of the program remain relevant and appropriate;
  • the outsourced delivery model is working well;
  • the program is effective in improving the ability of the majority of its customers to commercialise their innovation; and
  • there is evidence to suggest that the program has improved the COMET customers' potential to be sustainable and high growth businesses.

The evaluation made nine recommendations for changes to the program. For further information concerning the evaluation please email Tom Honeyman.

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