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The ASTEC released documents from 1970 to 1989 via a CD catalogue. We have now replicated those catalogues into a web format for your browsing interest.

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 Results From Reports and Studies : Selected site
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A Foresighting Study Management of Neurodegnerative Disorders in Older PeopleA-Foresighting-Study-Management-of-Neurodegnerative-Disorders-in-Older-People-2010.PDF5393 KB
After the Harvest Opportunities and Technology in HorticultureAfter-the-Harvest-Opportunities-and-Technology-in-Horticulture.PDF2191 KB
After the Myers Report Improving the Management of Technological ChangeAfter-the-Myers-Report-Improving-the-Management-of-Technological-Change.PDF2881 KB
An Australian International Gravitational ObservatoryAn-Australian-International-Gravitational-Observatory.PDF1847 KB
An International Comparison of High Level Science Engineering and Technology Advisory ArrangementsAn-International-Comparison-of-High-Level-Science,Engineering-and-Technology-Advisory-Arrangements.PDF4586 KB
Annual Report 1978-79Annual-Report-19978-79.PDF971 KB
Annual Report 1979-80Annual-Report-1979-80.PDF1711 KB
Annual Report 1980-81Annual-Report-1980-81.PDF1836 KB
Annual Report 1981-82Annual-Report-1981-82.PDF995 KB
Annual Report 1982-83Annual-Report-1982-83.PDF2187 KB
Annual Report 1983-84Annual-Report-1983-84.PDF2113 KB
Annual Report 1984-85Annual-Report-1984-85.PDF2743 KB
Annual Report 1985-86Annual-Report-1985-86.PDF2320 KB
Annual Report 1986-87Annual-Report-1986-87.PDF1688 KB
Annual Report 1987-88Annual-Report-1987-88.PDF2365 KB
Annual Report 1988-89Annual-Report-1988-89.PDF3576 KB
Annual Report 1989-90Annual-Report-1989-90.PDF4673 KB
Annual Report 1990-91Annual-Report-1990-91.PDF4543 KB
Annual Report 1991-92Annual-Report-1991-92.PDF4632 KB


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 Results From Reports and Studies : Selected site
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Year: ; Items: 1

Year: 1976; Items: 1

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Year: 1978; Items: 4

Year: 1979; Items: 6

Year: 1980; Items: 4

Year: 1981; Items: 7

Year: 1982; Items: 9

Year: 1983; Items: 5

Year: 1984; Items: 6

Year: 1985; Items: 6

Year: 1986; Items: 6

Year: 1987; Items: 8

Year: 1988; Items: 6

Year: 1989; Items: 9

Year: 1990; Items: 15

Year: 1990-92; Items: 1

Year: 1991; Items: 9

Year: 1992; Items: 8

Year: 1993; Items: 7

Year: 1993-95; Items: 1

Year: 1994; Items: 9

Year: 1995; Items: 5

Year: 1996; Items: 4

Year: 1997; Items: 4

Year: 1998; Items: 3

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