Section 1: General

Introduction to 2012 and 2013 Survey

This document launches the National Survey for Research Commercialisation (NSRC) for the 2012 and 2013 calendar years.

Reporting Year

All data collected via the survey will be reported on a calendar year basis. It is therefore requested that data be provided for the relevant calendar year.

If your institution collects data sought by the survey on a financial year basis, please supply the two sets of financial year data for the relevant calendar year in the ‘comments’ area of the particular question.

'Nil' and 'Not Applicable' Responses

For questions where your institution has no activity, we seek a response of 'nil' (ie, “0”) so that the response can be differentiated from a missing response. A missed (or null) response will be assumed to be equivalent to zero, except where other reported values imply a non-zero value in which case the value may be inferred.

Estimates of Responses

In instances where you do not have exact data, please provide your best estimate and an explanation of your estimating method in the comments field at the end of the form. For example, if you are unable to provide disaggregated data against given metrics (for example, disaggregating contracts from consultancies) it is recommended that you use one of the following three methods:

  • where you are confident that the split is almost completely or is entirely complete in one category, allocate 100% to that category;
  • where you have a sense of what the split is, you may assign proportionate amounts to the split (for example if there are two categories you may choose to apportion 70% to one category and 30% to the other;
  • where you are completely unsure, you may wish to assign equivalent proportions of your output against that question to each of the components of it (where there are three categories, you would choose 1/3).

Fractional Responses

Where your institution shares ownership or responsibility for a reporting unit (e.g. a patent or income from a licence) and you are able to identify that proportion, please report on that fraction to the second decimal point (e.g. a one third share would be reported as 0.33). If you are unable to identify the proportion, report it as a whole share.

Specific guidance on this issue is provided in the Explanatory Notes to relevant questions

Cooperative Research Centres

Data for Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) will be obtained by the Department through the CRC Programme and reported separately to this survey. As such, institutions who are members of CRCs should not report any research commercialisation information that relates to their participation in the CRC Programme unless otherwise indicated. This includes costs, staffing, outputs (such as patents and spin-out companies) and revenues (such as licensing income or research consultancies and contracts) information.

Specific guidance on this issue is provided in the Explanatory Notes to relevant questions.


Please report all financial values in Australian dollars.


If you wish to provide additional commentary in relation to any of your answers, please do so in question 34, including a reference to the question number that your comments concern.


If assistance is required when completing the survey please contact your Institutional Contact Officer (ICO).

If your ICO is unable to resolve the issue, then please contact:

Ms Eve Levanat
Assistant Manager
Phone: (02) 6276 1735


Mr Mark Wigley
Phone: (02) 6213 6400

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