2014 survey questions

Research Expenditure

Question 1 – What was your institution’s total research expenditure?


Question 2 – How many dedicated Full Time Equivalent (FTE) research commercialisation staff were employed in, or engaged by your institution?

Question 3 – What was the total budget cost for dedicated research commercialisation staff for your institution as reported in Question 2?

Question 4 – What was the cost of fees and legal costs your institution spent to secure or defend statutory protection of intellectual property rights?

Question 5 – How many invention disclosures did your institution receive?

Licences/Options/Assignments (LOAs)

Question 6 – How many Material Transfer Agreements did your institution enter into where your institution provided the materials?

Question 7 – How many LOAs did your institution execute?

Question 8 – How many active LOAs did your institution hold?

Question 9 – How many active LOAs yielded income?

Question 10 – What was the total income received from your active LOAs

Question 11 – How much of the income reported in Question 10 was paid to other institutions or commercial entities?

Research Commercialisation Equity

Question 12 – What was the value of all research commercialisation equity holdings at 31 December 2014?

Research Income – Consultancies, Contracts, Collaborations and Direct Sales

Question 13 – How many Consultancies, Contracts, Collaborations and Direct Sales transactions did your institution enter into?

Question 14 – What was the total gross contracted value of Consultancies, Contracts, Collaborations and Direct Sales your institution entered into?

Skills Development and Transfer

Question 15 – Does your organisation offer researchers or research students training in industry skills?

Question 16 – How many participants completed training as described in Question 15?

Supplementary Engagement Questions for 2014 Collection

Engagement and Impact

Question S1 – Rank the following knowledge transfer channels by order of priority

Question S2 – Does your research organisation have the following structured systems to support engagement with industry partners?

Question S3 - Do you have available data on professional development in your information systems?

Question S4 - Do you have available data on networking/events in your information systems?

Question S5 - Does your organisation provide incentives for researchers to engage with industry?

Question S6 - Are staff as individuals rewarded by the organisation, financially or by other means, for the intellectual property that they generate?

Question S7 - Do you have industry representation on your research governance structures?

Question S8 – List up to five products, processes or services originating in your organisation that have had the greatest impact on society, however you measure that impact

Question S9 - How many patents were filed solely in the name of an industry partner that included a researcher from your organisation?

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