Chemical Security

A large and diverse number of industrial agricultural and veterinary chemicals are legitimately used by individuals and organisations every day throughout Australia. However, a small percentage of these chemicals have been diverted from their lawful use to other unlawful purposes, including terrorist related activity. The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) has identified 96 chemicals of security concern, including 11 chemical precursors to homemade explosives.

Terrorist organisations continue to show interest in chemicals that can be used to produce explosives or toxic weapons. Common chemicals have been used as ingredients in powerful improvised explosive devices in different parts of the world, resulting in many fatalities, injuries, and damage on a massive scale. Similarly, toxic chemicals have been used in attacks by terrorists to cause injury and death.

Australian governments and industry are working together to minimise the risks associated with unlawful use of these chemicals to ensure public safety and national security. A key challenge is to improve the security of these chemicals while ensuring they remain available for their legitimate use by consumers and industry.

Australia’s security environment is dynamic and it is vital to the safety of all Australians that persons involved in the manufacture, importation, transportation, sale and use of chemicals report any unusual behaviour regarding the sale and/or use of chemicals to the National Security Hotline on 1800 123 400 or your local Law Enforcement Agency listed below.

Further information on chemical security can be found at

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