Illicit drug precursors

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Have you considered that some chemicals may be used in the manufacture of illicit drugs?

Certain chemicals can be used in the manufacture of illicit drugs. These are generally known as ‘precursors’.

Possession, import and export of certain precursors is subject to Commonwealth, state and territory legislation. You have a responsibility to ensure you are not committing an offence and that you obtain the correct permits before handling these substances.

The Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association (PACIA) and Science Industry Australia (SIA) have developed the Code of Practice for Supply Diversion into Illicit Drug Manufacture. The Code of Practice outlines procedures for secure storage, sales monitoring, record keeping and reporting around precursor chemicals. While the Code itself is voluntary, you should be aware that some of the procedures described in the Code are also set out in state and territory legislation.

The police services in each state and territory monitor and investigate the diversion of chemicals and equipment for illicit purposes and provide central points of contact for the chemical industry. You should refer to the relevant police chemical diversion contact for more information. These contacts are listed at the end of this checklist.

Certain narcotics, psychotropic and precursor substances are controlled under Customs legislations and require import or export licences from the Department of Health.

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