Disposing of chemical waste

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Is your waste hazardous?

If you are not sure if your waste products are considered to be hazardous for the purposes of domestic disposal, you should refer to the relevant state and territory government.

If you are not sure if your waste products are considered to be hazardous for the purposes of export or import, you should refer to the Department of the Environment and Energy for definitions and more detailed guidance.

Disposal of chemicals is considered a workplace use and WHS regulations apply to the handling of waste.

How can you reduce your waste?

Increasingly, businesses are considering sustainable options for the recycling of waste and reducing their waste output. There is a growing industry in the design and implementation of innovative methods for waste disposal and recycling. You should make yourself aware of any potential use for your waste products.

For general information about environmental management practices, licensing and assistance in developing an environmental management plan refer to business.gov.au.

Waste management and storage is the responsibility of the state and territory governments. Each state or territory has an environmental protection authority (EPA) or equivalent which should be your primary point of contact. A list of contact details for the EPA of each state and territory is listed in Key Contacts.

Responsible CARE® is an initiative developed by PACIA. It is a self-assessment program which is designed to help businesses implement and measure sustainable business practices at all stages of their product’s lifecycle.

Do you know about the requirements for exporting and importing hazardous chemical waste?

Australia is a signatory to the Basel Convention and related agreements which may prohibit or restrict the transboundary movement of hazardous chemical waste. Australia implements its obligations under these agreements through the Hazardous Waste (Regulation of Exports and Imports) Act 1989 and associated regulations. A permit is required before hazardous waste is exported from, transmitted through, or imported into, Australia.

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