Australian Jobs Act 2013

The Australian Jobs Act 2013 (the Jobs Act) commenced on 27 December 2013.

The Jobs Act ensures that information about opportunities to bid for work on major projects is provided by all levels of the project’s supply chain – from procurement entities to lower tier suppliers.

Under the Jobs Act, Australian Industry Participation (AIP) plans are required for major projects with capital expenditure of $500 million or more. AIP plans provide detail on the expected opportunities to supply goods and/or services to the project; how these opportunities will be communicated to potential suppliers; and how Australian businesses will be assisted in longer-term participation, including encouraging capability development and integration into global supply chains.

Australian Jobs (Australian Industry Participation) Rule 2014

The Australian Jobs (Australian Industry Participation) Rule 2014 (the Rule) commenced on 6 February 2014. The Rule details exemptions to the requirement for an AIP plan, notification obligations, compliance requirements, as well as the functions of the Australian Industry Participation Authority.

Australian Industry Participation Authority

The position of the Australian Industry Participation (AIP) Authority was established under the Australian Jobs Act 2013 (the Jobs Act).

The Authority provides assistance and guidance on:

  • obligations under the Jobs Act including if and when an AIP plan is required
  • development of an AIP plan
  • reporting on implementation of an AIP plan.

The Authority also:

  • approves AIP plans
  • publishes AIP plan summaries on this website
  • monitors and enforces compliance with the Jobs Act.

Guidelines for Jobs Act Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Word

You can contact the AIP Authority by emailing or by calling 02 6213 6404. 

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