Australian Industry Participation Plans - Australian Jobs Act 2013

The Australian Jobs Act 2013 (the Jobs Act) requires public and private major projects in Australia with a capital expenditure of $500 million or more to prepare and implement an Australian Industry Participation (AIP) plan.

AIP plans provide a mechanism for project proponents to detail actions they will undertake to familiarise themselves with the capabilities of Australian businesses, identify qualified suppliers, and provide them with access to supply opportunities within a project. The objectives of an AIP plan are to:

  • demonstrate how full, fair and reasonable opportunity will be provided to Australian businesses to supply goods and services to a project
  • detail the supply of key goods or services for a facility’s initial operational phase, if the project involves establishing a new facility.

The Jobs Act also requires compliance reporting on the AIP plan during the project’s construction phase and, if the project involves establishing a new facility, two years into the operations phase.

AIP plan summaries are available to view.

Notification and development of an AIP plan

Project proponents are required to notify the Australian Industry Participation (AIP) Authority of upcoming major projects. The Authority will work with project proponents and operators (for new facilities) regarding their obligations under the Jobs Act including if, and when, an AIP plan is required.

  1. Notify the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science of potential projects by completing the Notification Form and sending it to the AIP Authority at
  2. Contact the AIP Authority on 02 6213 6404 or at to discuss AIP plan requirements
  3. Discuss the timing of the AIP plan, including trigger date, with the AIP Authority
  4. Prepare an AIP plan using the approved template:
  5. Consult the User Guide when preparing the plan:
  6. Prepare an AIP plan Summary for the project phase and, if necessary, the operations phase of the project:
  7. Send the plan and summary to the AIP Authority at

Compliance Reporting

Projects proponents and operators will be required to complete compliance reports regarding the implementation of the AIP plan.

  1. Prepare a Compliance Report for the project phase and, if necessary, the operations phase of the project:
  2. Consult the User Guide when preparing the report:
  3. Send the report to the AIP Authority at

Further information

Additional information on the Jobs Act, the AIP Authority and AIP plans, including trigger dates and plan obligations, can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions:


An overview of the AIP plan process for projects with capital expenditure of $500 million or more under the Australian Jobs Act 2013 (the Jobs Act):

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