Growth Centre Objectives

The Industry Growth Centres Initiative will boost the competitiveness and productivity of Australia’s high growth sectors by: identifying opportunities to reduce regulatory burden, increasing collaboration and commercialisation, improving capabilities to engage with international markets and global supply chains, and enhancing management and workforce skills.

Reducing regulatory burden

Growth Centres will work with industry, the Australian and state and territory governments, and other stakeholders to identify specific, practical and beneficial regulation reform opportunities, leading to improved competitiveness and productivity in their sectors.

  • Regulation Reform Agendas provide an opportunity for Growth Centres to suggest regulation reform solutions to regulators, including governments, as part of their Sector Competitiveness Plans. These will be delivered within 12 months of each Growth Centre’s commencement. The department created the non-prescriptive Guide for the Growth Centres in July 2015 which explains information they could consider when preparing quality, evidence-based Regulation Reform Agendas.

Increasing collaboration and commercialisation

Growth Centres will work to improve engagement between research organisations and industry, and within industry, to achieve stronger coordination and collaboration of research, and improve the translation of research into commercial outcomes to better capitalise on Australia’s large investment in science and research.

  • Industry Knowledge Priorities, a summary of priority knowledge and technology gaps in the sector, will be developed annually by each Growth Centre, as part of its Sector Competitiveness Plan. These Industry Knowledge Priorities will inform the science and research community of industry’s needs and commercialisation opportunities.

Improving international engagement capabilities

Growth Centres will work with their sectors to build capability to engage with international markets and access global supply chains. Growth Centres will highlight priority actions to address barriers and impediments to international engagement in their Sector Competitiveness Plans.

Enhancing management and workforce skills

Growth Centres will work with industry, the Australian and state and territory governments, and other stakeholders to identify skills and workforce development challenges and opportunities and develop actions that aim to accelerate the productivity and competitiveness of their sectors. These skills strategies will be part of each Growth Centre’s Sector Competitiveness Plan.


Regulation Reform Agendas - Guidance for Growth Centres

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