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Moon to Mars: opportunities for Australian businesses

The Moon to Mars initiative gives Australian businesses and researchers the opportunity to showcase their immense knowledge and capabilities in projects that can support NASA’s Moon to Mars program.

Accelerating the growth of Australia’s space industry

Funded by a $150 million investment over 5 years, the initiative:

  • showcases Australia’s best ideas and technologies for the support of space missions to the Moon and Mars
  • enables Australian businesses and researchers to thrive in national and international space supply chains
  • creates jobs and supports industry transformation across Australia

Joining NASA in lunar exploration and beyond

The Moon to Mars initiative is a result of our partnership with NASA on future space cooperation. This partnership launched in September 2019.

The Australian Space Agency has designed three integrated elements to the initiative.

Supply Chain Program

The Supply Chain Program targets projects and activities to deliver products and services into domestic and international space supply chains. It also offers support offers support through grants and facilitation.

The Supply Chain program consists of two elements:

  • non-competitive capability grants which are now open
  • supply chain engagement and facilitation

Demonstrator Program

The Demonstrator Program showcases Australian industry’s strengths to the world. It provides a pathway to develop and launch products into space that will:

  • create new capability and build space heritage
  • enable new business ventures, revenue streams or markets

The program has two elements:

  • open competitive feasibility grants
  • open competitive mission grants

The Demonstrator Feasibility grants are now open.

Visit the Business Grants Hub for more information or to apply.

Trailblazer Program

The Trailblazer program is our inspirational flagship program. It supports NASA’s space exploration program, and their plans to return to the Moon and then go on to Mars. It will:

  • contribute flagship Australian space capability within an international space exploration program
  • leverage Australia’s competitive strengths in space and showcase Australian capabilities to the world

How to apply

The Supply Chain capability improvements grants are now open. Visit the Business Grants Hub for more information or to apply.

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Public consultation

We sought feedback on the initiative’s design in February and March 2020. Public consultation is now closed. See how the public had their say.

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Last updated: 18 June 2021

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