Video: Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science – Karlie Noon says get nominating

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March 2019

Karlie Noon is studying a Masters in Astronomy and Astrophysics. She wants diverse nominations in the Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science.


Karlie Noon: So my name is Karlie Noon. I am currently doing a Masters in Astronomy and Astrophysics, and I look at the Milky Way.

Having visible Indigenous role models in careers like STEM is incredibly important for our younger generation coming into these fields. Having diverse people profiled, it increases visibility and it increases young people looking at that and saying “I can do that, I look like that person” or “I am similar to that person, or from a similar background”, “I am capable of that”. And it inspires people to follow a similar pathway.

So my message to potential nominators would be to think about what you want the future of Australia’s STEM workforce to look like.

Do you want to have diversity, do you want to have people from all different types of backgrounds that bring different types of skill sets into this workforce? I would focus on that when choosing your nominations.

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