Video: Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science – Chief Scientist says get nominating!

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February 2019

Dr Alan Finkel chairs one of the Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science selection committees and he needs your help to find deserving candidates.


Dr Alan Finkel, Australia’s Chief Scientist, says:

Great I’ve been associated with the Prizes for about 10 years, and I find it’s impossible to overstate their importance for Australian science.

The Prizes are how we support and encourage our fantastic cohort of brilliant scientists.

Importantly, it’s a phenomenal platform to build awareness of your speciality.

I need you to help me address the one concern that I’ve got, and that is, there are too few women walking away with the prizes.

We can only select from the nominations that we receive.

If you’re a woman in science, or innovation or teaching, don’t be reluctant, seek out potential nominators.

And truly, never to be forgotten, it is lifetime recognition of your scientific contribution.

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