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Video: Australia’s Tech Future

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December 2018

The government is creating a plan to ensure that technology in Australia continues to thrive. The video highlights how new technology can benefit all Australian’s in the future.


Australia has enjoyed 27 years of economic growth.

To ensure this continues, we need to harness new technology to:

  • drive growth
  • create new industries
  • enhance daily life

Australia’s Tech Future is our plan to ensure all Australians continue to benefit from how technology changes the way we live and work.

The plan will ensure:

  • job seekers, workers and students are equipped with the digital skills to empower them for the future
  • Australians are able to benefit from the modern economy and are not disadvantaged or left behind
  • businesses invest in digital technologies, adapt, grow and realise their potential
  • government services are faster, more secure and easier to use
  • Australians feel safe online

We are building a future where all Australians benefit from a better quality of life, driven by technology.

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