Video: A guide to the NatHERS certificate

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April 2020

The new NatHERS Certificate video provides details on the features of a NatHERS certificate. The NatHERS Certificate allows builders, certifiers and regulatory authorities to quickly confirm that the building has been built to the design on which the energy rating assessment is based. All certificates include information on the dwelling’s key design features, building materials and parameters used to generate its star rating.


Most of us like the idea of living in an energy efficient home. They're comfortable, they can save you money on power bills and they often sell for higher prices than other homes that need lots of heating and cooling.

So, how do you know how energy efficient your home is? With this - a NatHERS Certificate. Its star rating gives a quick way to see how much energy is likely to be needed each year for heating or cooling. Energy efficient home - plenty of stars. Less efficient - not so many.

NatHERS is Australia's Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme and all NatHERS certificates are generated using NatHERS-accredited software. You can get a NatHERS certificate any time. But if you're building a new home or extending an existing home, it is one of the most common ways to show that your home meets the minimum energy efficiency requirements in your state or territory.

There are two types of Certificate. If you see a coloured one like this with the NatHERS logo, you can be confident that your energy efficiency assessment has been carried out by a NatHERS accredited assessor. These assessors are extensively trained in the complexities of modelling a home's energy efficiency and hold a range of industry safeguards. This certificate, without the NatHERS logo, carries the same information, but the assessment has been carried out by an unaccredited assessor.

Each certificate identifies the property that's being rated and has several pages detailing the features of the home that were modelled to generate the star rating, such as floor area and climate, orientation, insulation and so on. It also includes a QR code which can be linked to your home's plans and scanned to access the certificate online.

Whether you're an owner, a builder or a building certifier, a NatHERS Certificate has valuable information to help you check and confirm the energy efficiency of any home. Accept no less than the official NatHERS Certificate.

For more information, just search NatHERS. NatHERS - ratings you can feel comfortable with.