Venture Capital Limited Partnerships case study: ANU Connect Ventures

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October 2020
Case study from: Industry Innovation and Science Australia annual reports

The ANU MTAA Super Venture Capital Partnership established in 2005. It invests in early-stage commercial opportunities and innovative ideas. The ideas and opportunities come from:

  • research undertaken at the Australian National University
  • research from other ACT‑based research institutions
  • Canberra region businesses

The fund has invested $20 million into 15 Australian companies since 2006. They include:

  • Instaclustr
  • Beta Therapeutics
  • Liquid Instruments
  • EpiAxis Therapeutics

This helps to grow Australian industry, resulting in jobs and growth.


Instaclustr enables clients to focus in-house development and operational resources on building applications. Instaclustr operate an automated environment, providing databases, analytics and search messaging services. ANU MTAA Super Venture Capital Partnership’s investment enabled a product release.

Beta Therapeutics

Beta Therapeutics is developing first-in-class treatments for diseases driven by inflammation in:

  • retinopathy
  • diabetes
  • tumour growth
  • metastasis

Beta Therapeutics’ treatment has successfully treated age-related macular degeneration and type 1 diabetes in mice. The company is collaborating with international pharmaceutical partners to develop the therapies.

EpiAxis Therapeutics

EpiAxis Therapeutics focuses on the prevention of metastatic breast cancer. In time they will look at other cancers such as:

  • ovarian
  • pancreatic
  • colon
  • melanoma
  • lung
  • liver

EpiAxis Therapeutics is progressing well with its novel proof of concept Phase 1b clinical trial in breast cancer. Its aim is to offer best-in-class LSD1 inhibitors. This will prolong remission in difficult to treat cancers.

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