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The Technology Investment Roadmap is an Australian Government strategy to develop and deploy low emissions technologies.

It is the cornerstone of Australia’s Long-Term Emissions Reduction Plan.

Our vision

A prosperous Australia, recognised as a global low emissions technology leader.

About the roadmap

The Technology Investment Roadmap sets a process to develop and deploy low emissions technologies. By focusing government investment, it aims to make these technologies cost about the same as existing high emission technologies.

This will:

  • deliver low-cost, clean and reliable energy to households and industry
  • increase productivity, create jobs and substantially reduce emissions from Australia’s primary industries
  • expand Australian manufacturing and capture new export markets for low emissions commodities
  • help Australia store carbon dioxide in soils, plants and underground reservoirs.

Investment process

The government follows an enduring process to invest in low emissions technologies:

  1. Survey new and emerging low emissions technologies.
  2. Identify priority low emissions technologies. These are technologies:
    • with the biggest economic and emissions impacts
    • where Australia has economic, natural, technology or skills advantages
    • where government can make a difference.
  3. Set an economic stretch goal for each priority technology. These are ambitious, but realistic, cost targets that will help the technology cost about the same as existing high emissions technologies. 
  4. Identify pathways to meet stretch goals.
  5. Invest in priority technologies to help them reach their stretch goals.
  6. Measure how existing government investments are making a difference, and fine-tune these investments over time.

Low Emissions Technology Statements 

We advance the roadmap process by publishing annual Low Emissions Technology Statements (LETS).

Each statement:

  • reviews and refines the government’s technology priorities and goals
  • reports on our progress towards these goals
  • fine-tunes the government’s investment approach for the biggest economic and emissions reduction outcomes.
Diagram showing the technology investment roadmap process for the Low Emissions Technology Statements. Text description provided immediately after image

The Technology Investment Roadmap is an enduring process for low emissions technology investments. Annual low emissions technology statements review, refine and evaluate investments. The roadmap is the cornerstone of Australia’s Long-Term Emissions Reduction Plan.

The Low Emissions Technology Statement 2020:

  • established prioritisation filters to assess low emissions technologies
  • identified the first five priority technologies
  • articulated a comprehensive investment framework.

The Low Emissions Technology Statement 2021:

  • introduces ultra low-cost solar as an additional priority technology and stretch goal
  • reviews and refines government actions and deployment pathways for priority technologies
  • introduces enabling infrastructure as a new category to support priority and emerging technologies.

Australian Government investments in low emissions technologies

The government will invest at least $20 billion in low emissions technologies by 2030.

Supporting strategies

The Technology Investment Roadmap is part of a whole-of-government framework to reduce emissions.

Find out about the other policies and strategies supporting the roadmap’s goals:

Technology Investment Advisory Council

The Technology Investment Advisory Council advises the government on low emissions technologies under the roadmap.

The council is made up of leaders from science, business, technology and government. It is chaired by Dr Alan Finkel, Special Adviser to the Australian Government on Low Emissions Technology.

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