Cross agency collaborative projects

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The project team explored the feasibility of collaborative projects with a number of departments and agencies to address the areas of opportunity across government.

Select projects

Building the business fundamentals

Helping business in the early stages to learn the business fundamentals to set up their business well.

Early access to mentors

Helping Indigenous businesses to have more opportunities to connect with potential mentors early in their business journey.

Navigating mainstream support

Helping Indigenous businesses to navigate the general business support that is available.

Overcoming barriers to employment

Helping Indigenous businesses to find the right Indigenous job seekers, and support them to grow their staff’s skills once hired.

Working with government as a supplier

Helping Indigenous businesses to engage with government and what to expect when working with government.

Building better government to government connections

Businesses get the support they need and government provides a more joined-up service.

Supporting role models

Better supporting Indigenous business owners to share their story and inspire future business owners.

Improving the usability of Supply Nation

Indigenous business can better present their capabilities and government can more easily find Indigenous businesses with the skills they need.

Recommendations and next steps

Follow up conversations with relevant agencies to further scope out potential projects in more detail.

Role models

An Indigenous communications specialist was engaged to develop a communications strategy to inspire future business owners using Indigenous business role models. This work was delivered in January 2020 and the department is currently exploring opportunities for pilot implementation.