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Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island readers are warned the following page may contain images of deceased persons.

Through our research, we identified six Indigenous business personas. A persona represents a group of businesses that exhibited common attitudes, behaviours or experiences. Each persona has different experiences with operating a business and accessing support to help them along their business journey. The persona map below highlights which personas would be more likely to require help from government to achieve their business aspirations. Overwhelmingly most Indigenous businesses are more aware of the Indigenous specific support available, and are more likely to access it, in comparison to mainstream business support.

Persona map shows: Passionate Supporter persona has exponential aspirations for business growth and high business saviness. Low likelihood of asking for help. Cautious Trail blazer persona has low-moderate aspirations for business growth and moderate-high

Six indigenous personas
Icon Description

Passionate Supporter persona icon

Passionate Supporter

A champion of Indigenous businesses who provides mentorship and support to help them grow.

Cautious Trail Blazer persona icon

Cautious Trail Blazer

A female Indigenous business owner who is cautious and deliberate with their business’s growth.

Bred for Business persona icon

Bred for Business

A serial business owner who has learned the tricks of trade through family but still struggle to find the support they need.

Til Business Do We Part persona icon

Til Business Do We Part

A husband and wife business duo with complementary technical and strategic skillsets who are often unaware of support to help their business grow.

Unsupported persona icon


An Indigenous community champion who struggles to get the support and follow-through they need to get their business to the next stage.

Flexible Opportunist persona icon

Flexible Opportunist

A business owner with big aspirations who takes advantage of every opportunity to grow and diversify their business.