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To develop world-leading advanced manufacturers that seize opportunities from sustainability, the clean energy transition, and waste reduction demands by leveraging Australia’s advantages in innovation, technology, renewable and mineral resources, and our onshore industrial base.

By the end of the decade Australian manufacturers will be world leaders realising extensive opportunities across recycling and clean energy. They will get there by successfully playing to key areas of Australia’s industrial advantage, building on growing global demand for green, clean products, and collaborating across material and energy supply chains to mobilise large-scale investment. 

The scale of Australian clean technology adoption will have helped propel development of scaled-up commercial innovations that build on our current research excellence. Mineral resources and waste materials will be transformed into higher value products onshore, not just shipped overseas. Clean energy will be extensively deployed with more Australian manufactured inputs used in their construction. Low-cost renewable energy will enhance manufacturing processes and make onshore manufacturing more competitive. Artificial intelligence and digital technologies will support circular economy and distributed energy innovations. Australian industries—such as metal ore mining and energy-intensive manufacturing—will be preserved and expanded as the economic potential of recycling and clean energy is unlocked. 

Recycling and clean energy will be recognised for creating prosperity and diverse, well-paying manufacturing jobs for Australians, as well as helping to tackle global environmental challenges.

Funding available

The Modern Manufacturing Initiative is now open for recycling and clean energy manufacturing projects that meet eligibility under its Translation and Integration streams.

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