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We are happy to deliver this Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) which showcases the journey the department has been on since its first RAP in 2008. Our RAP outlines the actions the department will be making in 2019-2021 to further our commitment to reconciliation. These actions reflect the value that diversity provides to our department, our policies and our programs.

This RAP was developed in collaboration by a Reconciliation Action Plan Committee the Indigenous Employee Network and with the support of Mr Geoff Richardson PSM an independent Indigenous expert advisor. Each of the thirteen areas across the department took part in consultation workshops to discuss the review of the RAP, its purpose and how areas and individuals could positively impact the RAP.

Our reconciliation agenda is supported through the strong commitment as a department to our culture, diversity and inclusion to support all of our business and our peoples practice. The department is committed to the delivery of connected networks, inclusive workgroups, respectful workplace behaviors and a unified mission toward the culture and inclusion of the department. Our RAP will support the empowerment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Consultation has been undertaken over several months with all departmental divisions and every portfolio agency and has resulted in increased information sharing and collaboration. This extensive consultation process has ensured that staff at all levels are better engaged and have a good understanding of how they as individuals and work areas can better implement and respond to the actions under this plan.

A joint Statement of Reconciliation has been developed and is supported by the Agency Heads of the Industry, Innovation and Science portfolio agencies to drive Australia’s economic productivity by supporting innovation, science, research, business and investment, this initiative allows the portfolio to achieve more by taking a collaborative and united approach towards reconciliation across our portfolio agencies. This RAP is outcomes focussed with a number of ambitious actions to ensure that the department continues to progress to reconciliation.