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March 2019

Our North | Our Future is a quarterly newsletter produced by the Office of Northern Australia in partnership with government and regional bodies. The newsletter delivers the latest news from across the region. It is created in partnership with other government and regional bodies.

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Our North | Our Future July 2019

  • The northern wrap, new map and other news

Our North | Our Future July 2019 | Economic snapshot

  • Economic profile including GDP, employment and Indigenous population
  • Trade and investment update

Our North | Our Future March 2019

  • Economic profile including GDP, employment and income
  • Water in the north

Our North | Our Future February 2019

  • CRCNA announces new rice project
  • Record breaking gas exports
  • NAIF board makes 10th investment decision


Our North | Our Future November 2018

  • New Darwin City deal
  • Ministerial Forum highlights from Mt Isa

Our North | Our Future August 2018

  • New Pacific Labour Scheme
  • $700 million Northern Australia roads programs
  • New port for WA’s Carnarvon Basin

Our North | Our Future May 2018

  • Ministerial Forum highlights from Kununurra
  • Native prawns and mangoes
  • Investment in critical infrastructure

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