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While blockchain initially gained prominence in the public sphere through Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, its potential for the broader economy is beginning to be appreciated by other sectors. As outlined in this Roadmap, there are significant opportunities for the technology across multiple sectors in the economy: to save money, solve problems, increase efficiencies in multiple processes, and enable new opportunities. There are some challenges to realising these opportunities which need to be addressed in order to capitalise on this promising technology. However, it is clear that, in the spheres of regulation and standards, skills, capability and innovation, and international investment and collaboration, there is significant and positive progress towards resolving those issues and forging ahead with blockchain initiatives in Australia.

Continued progress will rely on government, industry and the research sector sharing a vision and a focus for the development of blockchain for the whole economy, which this Roadmap’s signposts provide. All three sectors must ultimately continue to work together in the collaborative spirit that helped produce this Roadmap, to ensure that Australia can seize the opportunities of a blockchain-empowered future.