Mobile Black Spot Program

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Publication Date: 
December 2018
Case study from: Australia's Tech Future

The Australia Government’s $220 million Mobile Black Spot Program is already delivering improved coverage outcomes and benefits to regional and remote communities.

Under the first three rounds of the program the Government’s commitment has leveraged a total investment of more than $680 million, which will deliver a total of 867 new base stations across Australia. As of 10 September 2018, 601 base stations have been completed.

The village of Murringo, New South Wales, is one community experiencing social and economic benefits from a funded base station for mobile communications.

Students at the Murringo Public School now have better access to the internet to do their homework and stay in touch with their friends. The base station, which was activated in May 2017, is also opening up new opportunities in the village for the small businesses, farmers and families who previously had no mobile reception.