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ASM — Advancing resources technology, credit: ASM

ASM is an integrated materials business that intends to become a global producer of value-added materials and speciality metals, including rare earths and zirconium.

These materials are critical for a diverse range of advanced technologies, such as clean energy and electric vehicles.

The foundation of ASM is a large in-ground resource of rare earths, zirconium, niobium and hafnium, located near Dubbo. This will require a materials processing facility to unlock the value of these metals.

The Dubbo Project development is fully approved and ready for construction once financing is finalised.

As a new manufacturing business in regional NSW, ASM represents a significant economic boost for the region during construction and operations.

ASM is also advancing a new metallisation technology in partnership with South Korean company Ziron Tech. The technology creates high-purity metals from oxides (such as those produced by the Dubbo Project) efficiently and with significant environmental benefits than conventional industry processes.

“ASM represents an alternative, sustainable and reliable source of critical materials, from the mine to high-purity metals,” said Managing Director, David Woodall. “This year especially, we’ve seen that diversifying supply is increasingly important in a global market.”