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International Space Investment initiative

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Opening doors internationally for the Australian space sector
Publication Date: 
August 2019

About the International Space Investment initiative

The International Space Investment (ISI) initiative provides A$15 million over three years to strategic space projects that grow the Australian space industry and build collaboration with international space agencies.

The ISI initiative will help unlock international space opportunities for Australia, and expand the capability and capacity of the Australian space sector. Projects will target a minimum of 80 per cent of the investment being made in Australia for the benefit of Australian space industry firms.

The ISI initiative forms an important element of the Australian Civil Space Strategy, (the Strategy) which ultimately seeks to create up to 20,000 jobs and triple the size of the space sector in Australia to $12 billion by 2030.

The International Space Investment initiative will enhance linkages and relationships between the Australian space sector and international space agencies, and increase the capability and capacity in our space businesses.

Benefits of this initiative

This initiative offers benefits to international space agencies and the Australian space sector.

International space agencies may:

  • build relationships with the Australian space sector, as an emerging global space partner
  • diversify and increase income available to support, or the value of, their programs, projects and missions
  • utilise strengths and capabilities of the Australian space industry
  • access space in a new way due to Australia’s unique view of the galaxy

Australian businesses may:

  • access new opportunities to collaborate with international space agencies to support mutual goals
  • build a reputation as a capable and trusted supplier of products and services to the global space industry
  • build capability, capacity and workforce skills by participating in international space agency programs
  • access global supply chains, new export opportunities and new markets
  • increase access to Australia’s unique view of the galaxy

Investment principles

Grants to fund projects under the ISI should reflect the investment principles of the Strategy.

Investment Principles:

  • Align, and be consistent with, the Strategy, the Australian Space Agency’s purpose, government policy priorities and Australia’s economic and national interest
  • Align with Australia’s National Civil Space Priorities
  • Target a gap in the market, market failures and inefficiencies, including enabling infrastructure that will bring industry to scale
  • Leverage contributions from other sources, for example from academia or research organisations, industry, state and territory governments, and international counterparts
  • Have the potential for significant impact in Australia’s space sector or the use of space in the broader economy

Civil Space Priority Areas:

  1. Position, navigation and timing
  2. Earth observation
  3. Communications technologies and services
  4. Space situational awareness and debris monitoring
  5. Leapfrog R&D
  6. Robotics and automation on Earth and in space
  7. Access to space

Eligibility and guidelines

Read the International Space Investment – Expand Capability Grants on the website. 

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