We’re all human: recruiting new talent

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Event organiser: The Australian Public Service Commission (APSC)

Imagine you’ve just finished your university degree. Your results are in, they’re something to write home about, and you’re set on making your mark in the Australian Public Service. Great! You charge off full of enthusiasm to the local career fare, to simply apply to the Australian Government. Right?

Wrong. You get there and find over 40 different stalls from different portfolios, departments, agencies and micro-agencies (micro-what?), all with different brands, offerings and separate application processes. What if you want to apply to them all? You finally pick a few, and then comes the paperwork. The acronyms. The hoops to jump through. What’s a selection criteria? An Integrated Leadership System? What’s an APS3? EL1? Band 2? Are they the new Maroon 5?

In this event we found out how the Australian Public Service Commission cut the ‘but we’ve always done it that way’. They ran a human-centred design process that flipped how they recruit university graduates on its head, creating new value for all parties.


View what our visual scribe captured [224KB PDF]