Data and space

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Event organiser: Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment

As you'd imagine, data collected from space is hugely important and gathering it is very complex. It involves a large number of incredibly smart people, many of whom are Australian. Like Australian National University Professor, Daniel Shaddock.

He enlightened us about how they collect data and some of its uses here on earth. Like mapping water across the globe by measuring its a lot more.


View what our visual scribe captured.

The data from space visual scribe illustration includes key content like measuring the tiny effects of gravitational waqves, and there is a globe showing the map of water around the world. Two space data users are the Australian Space Agency and Bureau of Meteorology.

Illustration by Emma Davensen from the Department of Agriculture, Water and Resources

Watch a video of the presentation.

If you want a video transcript, contact the Department of Agriculture, Water and Resources.