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In addition to their individual activities and work with government above, Growth Centres work together on a number of programs:

  • MTPConnect, NERA and METS Ignited are supporting the national expansion of the Industry Mentoring Network in STEM (IMNIS) program. IMNIS aims to prepare a new generation of diverse, inclusive and industry-ready PhD graduates. The program expanded in 2018 to match 485 PhD students with 300 industry leaders across all the states and territories. The program provides access to professional industry networks that support mentee access and exposure to industry-focused research and post-research employment opportunities.
  • METS Ignited and NERA both support the CORE Innovation Hub. CORE is Australia’s first co-working, collaboration and innovation hub focused on resources technology. After three years, CORE has more than 130 industry members and reciprocal agreements with other resources hubs in Santiago, San Francisco and Houston.
  • FIAL, MTPConnect and AustCyber are working with Data61’s Ribit platform to connect students with digital, research and business skills to potential employers. Over the last three years, these Growth Centres have connected over 800 students to over 100 business and industry representatives. These events have been highly successful in delivering employment opportunities to participating students, with most participants having been interviewed or hired by attending businesses.