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Our goal is to create an environment where new ideas can be expressed and explored for incorporation into departmental business practices.

We promote innovation by challenging the status quo and foster an environment that inspires and rewards. We attract people from diverse backgrounds and ways of thinking. We encourage self-reflection and self-awareness to support our staff to achieve their best.

To achieve this, we will:

  • provide opportunities for staff from diverse backgrounds, including individuals with unique, diverse viewpoints to work together
  • ensure that all staff feel that their voices are heard and their views are taken into consideration
  • trial new technologies and methodologies, particularly those that are accessible
  • use secondments and student placements as a way to bring people into the department with different experiences, backgrounds, perspectives and ages to broaden the diversity of thought
  • develop tools and resources to attract and retain an intergenerational workforce

Photo illustration featuring the innovative element of our inclusion strategy. The icon is an outline of a head with a lightbulb, inside a set of circles. The photo shows a man with glasses smiling and standing in a park.

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