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Exercise Ningaloo Challenge provided the opportunity to examine the execution of the current Offshore Petroleum Incident Coordination Framework, and the operation of the OPICC and the department’s CMT during an offshore incident. It successfully assisted the department to identify specific areas for improvement in the current arrangements and provided direction on how more effective outcomes can be achieved.  

The department would support future simulated exercises to ensure the Commonwealth Government, with industry and state and territory governments, is ready and capable to respond to an offshore petroleum incident.

The department would like to extend thanks to OPICC member agencies, WA DoT and Quadrant Energy for their participation in Exercise Ningaloo Challenge, and their continued efforts and ongoing collaboration with the department. The department would like to acknowledge and thank REM Associates for the development of the sub-exercise and the resulting recommendations, which will be used to assist in the ongoing improvement of the Commonwealth Government’s response to an offshore petroleum incident.