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The aim of the OPICC-led sub-exercise was to test and evaluate the current plans, processes and capabilities of the OPICC and the department’s CMT by simulating a coordinated response by the Commonwealth Government, Western Australian Government and offshore petroleum industry to an offshore petroleum incident.

The department set the following objectives for the sub-exercise, against which the performance of the OPICC and the department’s CMT was assessed:

  1. Test the OPICC’s and the CMT’s ability to demonstrate effective leadership in managing and coordinating the Commonwealth Government’s response to the incident
  2. Test the OPICC’s ability to use relevant information from a variety of sources to deliver targeted key messages to appropriate stakeholders through effective methods of communication
  3. Evaluate the CMT’s internal capacity and resilience to manage the incident
  4. Test the effectiveness of the OPICC’s and the CMT’s communication and media management with: NOPSEMA; other Commonwealth agencies; WA State Government; Titleholder
  5. Test the ability of the OPICC and the CMT to deal with conflicting expert sources of information during an incident