Entrepreneurs’ Programme case study: Sentek Technologies

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Publication Date: 
October 2020
Case study from: Industry Innovation and Science Australia annual reports

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme has helped Sentek Technologies to produce a new, innovative and patented sensor product. Sentek office is in Adelaide.

With help from the Entrepreneurs’ Programme (EP) they have:

  • prepared for release on the global market
  • recruited four new staff with expertise in material science

They sell sensors and solutions for precision management of water, salt and fertiliser levels in soil.

Sentek's sells products around the world. They do this through a network of distributors. Distributors are experts in:

  • irrigated agriculture
  • mining
  • environmental management

Sentek supports more than 70 distributors. They have hundreds of sales locations around the world.

Sentek was developing a new sensor that could detect nitrate in soils. It had problems with premature ageing and cracking. To solve this, Senek accessed networking help through the Innovation Connections element of EP. They connected with material science experts at the University of South Australia (UniSA).

EP helps businesses to collaborate with the research sector. This helps the development of new ideas with commercial potential. It also helps to address any knowledge gaps that are preventing business growth.

Sentek worked with UniSA to develop the sensor and test its commercial viability. A researcher from UniSA is now working with Sentek to develop a commercial prototype.

EP is also providing Sentek with business advice and mentoring. It is helping them increase revenue and further expand in overseas markets. This has included identifying focus areas for Sentek to prioritise. They also made an action plan to support targeted business improvement outcomes.

As a result of this advice, Sentek are now delivering tailored solutions for growers in:

  • Australia
  • United States
  • Africa
  • Europe

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