Entrepreneurs’ Programme case study: Catten Industries

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Publication Date: 
October 2020
Case study from: Industry Innovation and Science Australia annual reports

Catten Industries is a precision sheet metal manufacturer based in Melbourne. It was founded in 1994. Catten Industries provides full-service sheet metal fabrication from concept to completion.

Recently, Catten faced these challenges:

  • an ageing workforce and equipment
  • dated and inefficient work practices
  • difficulties competing against cheaper imports
  • a need to identify new target markets

Major automotive manufacturing plants closed in Australia. This meant Catten lost a key customer segment. This resulted in:

  • declining revenue growth
  • a pressing need to refocus their activities

To help address these challenges, Catten sought advice from the Entrepreneurs’ Programme (EP). They received help to:

  • review their business strategy
  • find a direction to achieve further growth

Based on advice from EP, Catten invested in new operational processes. This included adopting an efficient, integrated paperless system.

Catten has also started reviewing their marketing processes. This would make more effective use of their website to generate sales.

EP has also supported Catten to focus on exports and increase their revenue. This has included working with a major buyer. This allowed them to understand their requirements and collaborate with customers.

Catten are also exploring opportunities to expand their range of products.

As a result of the support from the EP, Catten has:

  • diversified its income streams through exports
  • grown its employees from 27 to 31
  • increased its turnover by 10 percent

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