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This section sets out the activities and delivery strategies that contribute to our vision and purposes. It includes performance indicators over the next four years.

In this plan, we seek to provide a clear line of sight between the way we measure our performance in relation to our vision, our purposes and our strategic activities. We aim to achieve this by continuously strengthening the performance information we provide to Parliament and the broader community. To accomplish this we have substantially reduced the number of performance measures to represent our main priorities. We have also enhanced our performance measures by strengthening the focus on the outcomes of our work.

We will use the measures outlined in this Corporate Plan to report on our performance and achievements in our 2019–20 Annual Performance Statement.

Table 1: How our Corporate Plan fits into the PGPA Act planning and performance reporting framework
May 2019Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS)

Tabled in Parliament on Budget night, the PBS informs Parliament and the public of the proposed allocation of resources to government outcomes. The PBS provides high-level performance information for current, ongoing programs; particularly a forecast of performance for the current year. The PBS is available on our website.

July 2019Business Planning

Our divisional business plans contribute to our purposes by linking the strategic priorities listed in our Corporate Plan to tactical-level planning for managers and operational-level planning for individual staff.

August 2019Corporate Plan

As our primary planning document, the Corporate Plan is informed by our internal planning processes. It sets out our purposes, the activities we will undertake to achieve these purposes and the results we expect to achieve over a minimum four-year period by explaining how we will measure and assess our performance.

February 2020Portfolio Additional Estimates Budget Statements (PAES)

PAES are tabled when the Additional Estimates Bills are introduced. The PAES is available on our website.

October 2020Annual Performance Statements
(in Annual Report)

Our Annual Performance Statements (included in our Annual Report) inform Parliament about our performance in relation to the Corporate Plan activities we undertake each year. The statements indicate whether we have successfully achieved our strategic priorities and purposes. The Annual Report is available on our website.