Purpose 1: Supporting science and commercialisation

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This purpose is to facilitate the development and uptake of new ideas and technology and translate them into commercial activity. It will increase productivity, improve Australia’s competitiveness and drive economic growth by delivering better scientific and economic outcomes for Australia, including encouraging collaboration between researchers and businesses.

Our aims are to:

  • support the creation and sharing of scientific and technological information as an input to commercial activity
  • encourage collaboration between the research sector and businesses to generate solutions that lead to improved productivity and international competitiveness and address national and international challenges
  • support international collaboration on science and technology
  • maintain a strong science base focused on meeting Australia’s priorities
  • promote the innovative adoption and diffusion of digital technologies.

The department works to achieve this purpose through:

Performance measurement and assessment

Intended results of Purpose 1Performance criteria
Growth in the proportions of small, medium and large firms engaging in innovative activity
  • Proportion of Australia’s businesses that are innovation active
Increased investment by businesses in intangible assets—i.e. the knowledge assets of an organisation
  • Private gross fixed capital formation—intellectual property products
  • Business research and development (R&D) expenditure as a percentage of GDP
Growth in the value-added of knowledge-intensive industries
  • Gross value added and employment by knowledge-intensive industries
Improved returns from the commercialisation of research
  • Number and value of research contracts, consultancies and collaborations entered into by research institutions
Improvement in Australia’s performance in scientific research
  • Share of world’s top one per cent of highly cited publications