Australia's "True Up Period" Report for the Kyoto Protocol First Commitment Period

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Publication Date: 
December 2015

The True Up Period Report is a technical report that provides the basis for the official UNFCCC assessment of each Kyoto Protocol Party's compliance with its First Commitment Period (CP1) emission limitation or reduction commitment.

In advance of the UN deadline of 2 January 2016, Australia submitted to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) its Kyoto Protocol Report upon expiration of the additional period for fulfilling commitments by Australia, known as a "True Up Period Report" on 22 December 2015.

Australia's True Up Period Report demonstrates that Australia over-achieved on its commitment. The report provides information about: 

  • Kyoto Protocol carbon units retired by Australia to fulfil its CP1 commitment, totalling 2,711,153,478 Assigned Amount Units (AAUs).
  • Kyoto Protocol carbon units surplus to Australia's CP1 commitment that have been made available for use towards its 2020 emission reduction commitment: 149,419,065 Kyoto units, comprising 21,768,290 Certified Emissions Reduction (CER) and 127,650,775 AAUs.

Review of the True Up Period Report was undertaken by an independent expert UNFCCC review team in early 2016. That team produced a True-up Period Review Report that concluded Australia’s True Up Period Report covered all required elements, confirmed it had retired sufficient units to meet its emission reduction obligations, and confirmed its level of over-achievement.

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